Traditional Time Clock/Date Stamp – AT3000R

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Product Description

The AT-3000R can be used as an employee time clock or as an electronic document time and date stamp.  Users can record employee’s attendance time on any paper card or stamp other assorted documents with correct date and time which changes automatically, along with optional (built-in) message. Known as a “side printer,” this type of punch clock has a window showing the area to be printed as the paper enters the open slot; a guide is marked where the ink will appear once the mechanism is automatically triggered by entering the paper fully all the way toward the back of the machine. Minimal effort is required to assure that the stamp appears within the desired area on the paper. This unit also will print on any other type of paper besides time cards for document stamping (minimum size is index card) and can be set for 13 assorted printed messages (ex: SENT. RCVD, FAXED, etc.) Formats can be changed to fit military time 0-24 hours) as well as allowing for the possibility of hundredths of hour setting (1/100th) for ease of gross hour and payroll calculation. Four Language options on this time recorder include English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Limited offer includes bundled items: 1-installed ribbon, pack of 25 time cards, 2-keys and user’s manual.This clock DOES NOT calculate hours on the card; Allied Time USA offers calculating tool HERE.

– Automatic or Manual print options
– Quick and Easy setup
– Left or Right print alignment
– Adjustable print depth
– 13 Preset Short message options (ex. RCVD, FAXD)
– Selectable Hours (12 or 24) and Minutes (60 or 100s)
– Optional Password protects employee from tampering with date/time
– Large LCD Display shows Date, Hour, Minute, Day of the Week
– Multiple Language Options
– Optional Operational battery backup keeps clock going if the power is out (not included)
– One Year Factory Warranty and Lifetime Support included

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